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Unlike “Once Upon a Honeymoon” this ad makes it clear what it is selling and to whom.

Apparently all ice cream was generic back then.  I suppose in 1954, freezers in the home weren’t as spacious as we have now.

We take these big freezers for granted, they had to come from sometime.  Heck, I was at the store today, and the display hasn’t changed that much in 60 years.

Gentlemen, you must all be distracted the pretty girl.  Why, it is amazing the film got made with a pretty girl involved.  Frozen smile for frozen food.

I don’t get why the freezers are set up at an angle.  I never worked in a grocery, so there must be a reason.  Or is it just to show off the interior more?  No, because it is done with closed ones too.

The diagram of how the freezer works looks just like the diagrams in my old science books.

What is a Philadelphia Pint?  The internet doesn’t help me much with that question.  If it was just a pint, they would call it a pint.

Who knew A-B made something other than beer.