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So, I know all you want to know is what happens after the film breaks.  Here you go:

Cody and Company leave the moon with very little drama.  No just kidding, as they take off, Joan dutifully goes for coffee.  The captured Moon Man (who Cody sternly sent to his room) attacks Joan and Ted, still in the rocket man suit, with a stick or something.  Big tussle as the pilot is knocked down before the ship leaves the moon orbit.  Bravely, with Cody rolling around with the moon man, the pilot flies the ship on his knees.  The moon man grabs a gun and while wrestling with Cody, the moon man is shot.  The body is tossed into space as the crew sets for Earth.  Joan never does get the coffee.

Meanwhile, Retik calls Krog and his two stupid thugs.  Retik informs Krog and the stupid thugs of Cody’s impending return to Earth, and orders Cody’s Rocket Ship to be shot down.  Retik threatens the crew that failure may mean death.

Cody pretends to do math to figure out a landing.  Our thugs and Krog, coincidently, do the same math, and Graber and Daly show up with the death ray.  The thugs fire and miss as the ship tries to land.

Cody, armed with only a pistol, jumps out of the ship to take on the death ray.  The ship is running low on fuel.  The thugs hit Cody, but he is able to fall safely, just as the ship has to turn and land, nearly out of fuel.

Cody steps out of the bushes and sneaks around to shoot at Graber and Daly.  Gun fight ensues, and the thugs actually use the death ray on Cody.  The crooks, needing to get rid of Cody before shooting the ship, shoot the cliff above Cody, causing an avalanche!

And then we are set up for Chapter 10!

Bonus Cody Coverage to follow!

Watchability: 3 of 5.  If only to find out what happened.

Missing the Riffs: 4 of 5.  The SOL crew was just so over Cody.