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Last Chapter, they promised at the end of Chapter 11.

There was one more Cody Serial, but Aline Towne (Joan Gilbert) was the only repeat actor.  Richard Crane, who would later be Space Ranger Rocky Jones, appeared in the sequel serial as well.

It’s the last chapter, can we stop calling him a new character?!?!

We open with the ‘electrocutions’.  The stupid thugs are ordered to find other thugs to sell out Earth.  Cody, of course, awakens as the thugs leave.

So, thugs never got around to killing Cody, but Cody killed Krog.

Ted, Joan, Cody and the Friendly Government Man (in black) plot an attack on Retik.  As the meeting breaks up, Cody gets a call.  It’s the bartender from Al’s Café.  Yes, Graber and Daly went back to Al’s Café to recruit more muscle for the Moon Men.  Of all the things in this Serial that just doesn’t make sense, why is this bugging me so?  My willing suspension of disbelief has been pushed just a little too far here.

I mean really?  I’ve never been in a fight in a restaurant, but if I was a thug, I wouldn’t be going back to the place where some low rent Iron Man and his little buddy kicked my ass no matter how good the Patty Melts are.  Yes, it is bothering me that much.

Cody isn’t a very good hero.  He and Ted had the drop and end up smashing Al’s again.  Ted, of course, is put down quickly while Cody holds on a bit longer.  And when both hero and sidekick are down, the thugs STILL DON’T KILL THEM!  They dropped a stinking A-Bomb in a volcano, disrupted troop movements, caused massive damage but won’t put a bullet in the one person stopping them from succeeding?  I get it, it is for kids, and seeing Cody and Ted shot execution style wasn’t something they would even dream of showing on screen in that time.  But come on people, at least kick them while they are down.  Break their ribs or hand or something.

A moderate speed chase in sedans over two land highway with guns a blazing.  Ted hits the driver of the Thug car, it careens off a cliff, blowing up.  “No chance of getting them out of that,” says Ted as he and Cody look down upon the flaming wreckage.  So, I suppose they could see movement or heard screams, and the “heroes” choose to do nothing.  To quote Joel, “Oh wow.”

So, our heroes have killed 3 men in the last two episodes, mainly because the villains wouldn’t kill them?  I’m not sure what to do with this morality tale.

I would think the King of the Moon, or whatever Retik is, would bring more than one guard with him.  The Moon is kind of a dump, you’d think there would be no end of volunteers to leave.

Heroes kill another man, but it’s just a Moon Man, so I don’t know if it counts.

Cody is somehow not burned alive by Retik’s rocket taking off.  Good thing the Heroes have a truck ready with a death ray.  Cody pulls the trigger and kills the last stinking Moon Man on Earth.

Cody gets a government contract to build more rockets, and Ted nearly impales himself on a model rocket!  What fun, we have here!

I do have to say, I enjoyed the later chapters more than the riffed ones.  These actually had a little bit different formulas to them.  There were times the series dragged, overall, I’d give the series a 2 of 5.  I could see myself watching the whole series again, but not anytime soon.