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I bet Ted shows up, just in time.

Not Ted, a generic cop.  In a generic cop car.  Deadly gas has no effect on generic cop.  And of course, Graber and Daly think everyone is dead, without even looking in the window.

Joan and Cody steal the officer’s car to chase Graber and Daly.  Surprisingly, Joan is allowed to drive in the chase.

Motorcycle cops add to the chase.

Wow, Generic cop has three kinds of gas grenades.  Was that standard issue for cops back then?  Cops, thinking Cody is a bad guy, shoot the gas grenade, forcing a crash with the villains.  Cody, Joan and the Thugs are taken downtown.  Cody, to save money by not hiring additional actors, convinces the cops to let the thugs go.  Cody follows them back to the Moon Man base.  Ted offers to help, but Cody wisely says no.

Reused take off sequence.  I don’t think a flying man is all that subtle in terms of following a car.  You see a man flying, you know it is Cody.  Or at least Ted.

And he just seems to follow awfully close.  Cody takes on the Thugs and Krog all by his lonesome.  Retik is listening over the radio or something.  It is a fairly long fist fight, almost 3 minutes.  It ends with Cody and Krog possibly being electrocuted.  What do you think?

Just one more chapter!