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I thought about watching Robot Holocaust, but I’m in a Cody kind of mood, so, let’s keep it going.

Mass Execution—sounds terrible.

We come back to the gun fight/space ship shoot.  The thugs have started the avalanche, and are turning their attention to the rocket ship as Cody is buried under tons of rocks.  The Rocket ship lands in the hubbub and Graber and Daly turn tail and run.

Cody of course, was protected by the mountain from the avalanche.

Krog calls Retik to report the failure to kill Cody or destroy his ship.  Retik decides to come to Earth to oversee the operation.  Graber and Daly are told to try and kill Cody and his team again.

I suppose it is a good thing that the thugs who would help an alien invasion are really incompetent.

Our Friendly Government Man (in black) tells Cody and Joan the Government is working on their own death ray.  The Friendly Government Man (in black) ask Cody to recount everything important from Chapter 2 and 3, so Republic can have a nice cheap re-cap episode.  Cody obliges with footage of him meeting Retik.

I almost wish the SOL crew had riffed this Chapter.  This would have been a challenge, reriffing scenes they already had done.  If this had been the season 3 serial, it would have fit right in with the repeated KTMA episodes.

Knowing that Republic reused footage from prior serials (Roy Barcroft, who played Retik, was cast to fit footage from another Republic Serial being used.  Retik’s clothes were reused so the new and old footage would match), I wonder how much reused footage was rereused in this recap chapter.

It looks like we’re about to have another lab fight!  I wouldn’t put it past Republic to reuse an earlier fight and play like it is new.  Ah, no fight, just kinda pennyed them in.  But Daly and Graber are reusing the gas in the vent ruse.

The thugs shot the window to Cody’s lab.  But the gas isn’t escaping.

I think Cody is going to shoot that vent!

Three bodies on the floor, plot nowhere to be found!