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Hey, a new character!

It doesn’t seem like there are that many people deserving a credit.

Graber and Daly, what mugs.

You would think a doomsday weapon would be more moveable.  Again, if these thugs could do the ‘right’ thing and just kill Cody, we could be done with this story chapters ago.

Remember when going to the moon, wait, I think I used that joke before.  Again, why the serials had to disappear.  Too repetitive.  The launch scene in this chapter is one of the better effect sequences in the serial.

Wouldn’t rockets from Earth be super easy to detect?  It wasn’t like there were daily shuttles or anything like that.

Yep, very lucky break the one single moon man we see knows everything you need to know Cody.  I know coincidence is the driving force behind most “kid” fiction, but this pushes even beyond that level of believability.

Is shooting a door holding dangerous materials really all that wise?

The recycled tank from Undersea Kingdom!  It never gets its due for multiple MST3K appearances.

So, knowing the budgets, I bet this is footage of the tank chasing itself.

Busted airline?  Attacking Tank?  An amateur in Cody’s helmet?  How will this turn out?

Watchability: 3 of 5.  Not bad, this chapter had a change in formula, made it seem fresher.  Well-paced and decent action.  One of the best chapters so far.

Missing the Riffs: 4 of 5.  The riffing was definitely getting weaker by this point in the serial.