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I can see why the Serials were never seen through to the end on MST3K.  Not only is there the same formula to every f’ing episode, but trying to get 12 episodes worth of credit jokes is a task too Herculean for the SOL crew.

Just grabs a gun and shoves it in his pants.  Cody does love his risky behavior.

Cheaper to show a picture of the moon than to step outside and actually film the moon.

Krog looks like he is borrowing Bela’s lab from Bride of the Monster.

Cody is one of those guys who always finds a fight wherever he goes.  He has a very punchable face, I suppose.

The Thugs have no qualms about dropping atomic bombs or blasting troop trains, but won’t finish Cody off when they get the chance?!?

This must be the ‘padding’ episode: lots of flying and driving.  In this light, the Mads making the crew watch two chapters and this dull as dishwater chapter being one of them, is especially cruel.

Ah yes, the tiny little bomb chapter!

Watchability: 1 of 5.  Like I said, this was the ‘padding’ episodes.  Lots of driving/flying footage with music designed to make it seem like something was happening.  The little bomb/laser fight at the end wasn’t enough action for the little kid in me.

Missing the Riffs: 2 of 5.  So it wasn’t the time away.  This is one that the SOL crew helps a lot, even though you could tell they were starting to get tired of the whole thing.