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It has been awhile, I hope I can remember where we left off.  I think Cody was in danger, and there were only seconds to save himself or others.

After a month and a half, he is like a new character.

Thank goodness for recap cards.  I’d be lost without you.  Ah yes, the stolen ambulance gambit.

Why is it hard for me to believe this is 1952?  Is it I just associate Serials with the 30s/40s?  The Atomic Bomb should have been my clue.

And the bomb is just sitting in a cardboard box, under a workbench.  Not very secure.

No building code under fire on that newspaper.

Republic Serials, your use of stock footage is causing me to rethink my movie making abilities.

Hot Beef Sandwich, 40 cents.  Pair that with the undoubtable top shelf booze at Al’s Café, and you got yourself a night.

For thugs, they drive so leisurely, almost like they were begging Ted to jump.

Why does Ted have to hitchhike back, can’t Joan call him a cab?

Cleaning loaded guns?  These are really bad thugs.

A bold plan of surrender.

Watchability: 3 of 5.  Maybe I just missed Cody, but I enjoyed this one.

Missing the Riffs: 3 of 5.  Again, maybe it is just the time away from unriffed movies and shorts, I feel I didn’t need the SOL riffing.