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It always seemed like there were more of the ‘recap’ cards than there actually are.

Decent model crash.

Shouldn’t the flying suit be designed to carry someone, would save some trouble.

The girl sidekick really snaps back after a kidnapping and near death experience-wonder if hitchhiking will prove dangerous.

Poor guy, picks a stranger up with no clue he might be dangerous.

Cody does go for some dangerous gunplay.

Nothing goes right for these goons.  I don’t understand why Krog is so loyal to them.

These goons do have some very fortunate connections.  Makes the various crimes seem like they would be easier.

I don’t know what laws of physics that car disobeyed when going down, but man that didn’t look right.

Yeah, civilians usually are allowed to interrogate witnesses.

The thugs just aren’t consistent, either kill guys or don’t, if you keep changing your mind, you will end up in prison.

Yeah, toy cars just don’t look real when smashing together.

Watchability: 4 of 5.  More action, less talking.

Missing the Riffs: 3 of 5.