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“Anything goes, Daddy-O!”

I had wanted to read the short story “Dick Contino’s Blues” by James Ellroy, as it is set during the making of Daddy-O, in conjunction with watching this movie.  However, our local library does not have a copy, and I didn’t want to wait to watch.  I hope to read the story at some point and do an entry on it.

Like Lost Continent, this is another long awaited unriffed viewing.  This is another favorite episode, one of my go-to episodes.  Love the riffing and the host parts are spot on.

This is the first score by Composer John Williams, yes that John Williams, of Star Wars and all the great soundtracks of the 70s and 80s.

Forget the high pants, how does he get his shirt so smooth?

The Foley guy used too much applause.

I actually like the Dick Contino numbers in this movie.  Rock Candy Baby is a pretty swinging tune, as is Wait til I get you home.  Much better than, say, Eddie Crane.  Dick Contino has talent, that’s a big difference.

Another movie with a heck of a lot of glancing.

Very Elvis, a singing stunt driver.  With the murder and dope smuggling, this reads almost like a gritty reboot of Elvis.

I’ll give Jana (Sandra Giles) Ryan this: she is a real gutsy chick.  Not scared of playing rough.  Talk about kick!  And she does outdrive him, no need for him to be mad.

Another movie with some sweet classic cars.  I can’t identify any of them, but they look real nice.

I can’t say I believe the romance between Phil and Jana, but at least they spend some time together.  Of course, the whole investigating a murder and drug running is perfect for a thrill junkie.

The whole bit about the attorney running away is just so out of place.  If they came back to it at some point, it would mean something.

Tail o’ the Pup.

I wouldn’t think breaking and entering is something one enters into lightly.

The background music is really good in this movie, a sign of the talent behind it.

Is that what gyms used to look like?  It looks like someone’s rec room.

Bruno VeSota should get more props as a B-Movie that guy.  A very poor man’s Orson Wells.

Land Yacht alert.  They don’t make trucks that big anymore.

That doesn’t look like a manicure I’d want.  And with Sidney basting in his own juices too, ewwww.

Wholesome fun?  Racing for pizza.  Dealing dope.  Things don’t quite fit in this world.  Dark, but naïve at the same time.

Sidney is actually, kind of a good thug, he just hired the wrong guy to sing.  Was Sidney supposed to know Daddy-O would go all Scooby on him?  Well, probably a little more investigation may have saved a lot of headaches and prison.

Yeah, Daddy-O is a real original name.  Heck, they’ve been calling him that all movie.  That part bugs me ever since my wife pointed that out!

Not as thrilled about the ballad as Daddy-O’s other numbers.

Very Dukes of Hazard escape from the police.

So he admits to being Pete Plum then denies it?  But the head goon believes the denial, not that his guys heard the admission.  Another little thing that bugs the hell out of me.

It is great when the thug finds out the people he is dealing with are more ruthless than he is!

Bruce trying to pull the double cross on Sidney, priceless.

I still can’t believe the ‘steam bath’ controls are just painted on.

Good thinking to call the cops before confronting the villain.  Always nice to have back up.

I know Sidney is a fat guy, but he can’t move THAT slow.  And how did Bruce get back so quickly.

The car chase/races are actually put together well.  The whole final act really has some strong moments interweaving Jana’s driving and Daddy-O’s fight with Sidney.  Yes it does hit the point of absurdity with the ‘shelf hide’, but it is always little things with this movie.

Watchability: 4 of 5.  I have to say I really did enjoy this movie.  It has its flaws, and they are evident, but there is some much there.  A decent mystery, fairly competent villain and hero—the plot is not undone by stupidity, but by the police catching Daddy-O in the act—and 2 pretty good songs.  All in all a real fun watch, well worth the wait.

Missing the Riffs: 2 of 5.  This is a favorite, and as much as I enjoyed the unriffed version, there was a lot of riffs that came to mind.  It was hard not to write about butter and Sidney!  It was hard not to think of Lou Reed.  There is a reason why this is a favorite of mine.