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“But I got news for you: I walk around with my guts twisted up same as you.”

This is one of my favorite MST3K episodes, I am really looking forward of my first unriffed viewing of this movie.

This is, by SOL standards, an outstanding cast.  You could do worse for an ensemble cast.  This is a quest movie, not an action/sci-fi movie.

This movie took footage from Rocketship X-M.  And Robot Monster took footage from Lost Continent.  There is almost something circle of lifeish about all that.

Lots of little cuts, Dean-O had a line dropped, for example.

I get the intent of the vignettes when the military team is summoned.  We’re trying to build interest, a connection with our heroes.  As far as it goes, it does the trick, mayhaps it does end up feeling a wee bit forced.  It is better than the usual batch of exposition we are subjected to, and does make Cesar Romero, Chick Chandler and Sid Melton stand out more as characters.

There is nothing in the full version that explains the “Dame said she voted” line.  It is just one of those mysteries we will never understand.

Sam Newfield and Sigmund Neufeld ARE brothers!

There is an exchange between Cesar Romero’s Major Nolan and John Hoyt’s Dr. Rostov which sows the seeds of suspicion Nolan expresses later.  It is our first mention of ‘unpredictables’.

Were plane crashes more survivable back in the day?  This seems to be a common plot device in the 30’s to 50’s.

Not to read too much into this movie, but the military trio and scientist trio kind of reflect each other.

This is a link to a great interview with Paul Dunlap (the tire magnate) who did the score for Lost Continent.  Thanks to Mike F at Club-MST3K for sharing with the group a few months ago.  http://www.mania.com/i-composer-for-teenage-werewolf_article_52182.html

Knowing what they were actually climbing on the same pieces over and over is a triumph of editing, that they could get that much out of that little.

Speaking of, how much rock climbing is there in this movie?  Let’s find out.  This is just time for Climbing.  Not camping or falling or resting.  Only counting vertical movement.  Starting with Cesar’s first steps on to the base of the rocks at 28:20 (with a short break from 28:43 to 28:58).  Let us find out.

This crew is really too nicely dressed to go adventuring.

Break at 33:38.  Starting again at 34:24.  After Cesar is gassed, the last member of the team stops climbing at 35:17, with a restart at 36:00. Stop at 36:11 for camp.

Then more background.  They really should have known better than to send the little guy.

The ‘giant’ lizard Rostov sees would make more sense if it looked like the creatures in the jungle.  It’s just a silly little lizard.

Back at it at 38:52!  The “Stay with me, baby” line of Sid Melton comes after nearly 3 minutes of no dialogue.  The weak guy falls and everyone stops moving at 43:48.  44:20, we are moving.

Would you want to make the Mannix jump after the little guy fell?  NWB, no way baby.

Wow, when they reach the “lost world”, the film changes to a green tint.  Does give it an unearthly glow, but makes me think radioactive not “jungle world”.   They look like Hulkettes.  Just does not look good, I think it would have been better if they had just stayed black and white.  The last member climbs onto the plateau at 48:11.

Then climbing turns into walking, no one ever mentions that.

To Maj. Nolan’s credit, he was wrong, he apologized.  He’s not jaded like Lt. Wilson.

Of all the unnecessary things in this movie, Sid Melton’s wet dream about the plane is the most unnecessary.

I’m not counting the rush to save Ward from the dinosaurs as ‘rock climbing’, though I probably could with no arguments.

I have to believe in my heart of hearts the dinosaur sequences are stolen from somewhere, but maybe this is the 1950’s equivalent of SyFy Channel CGI.  Cheap and bloody.

And Rostov offers Nelson a cigarette.  He is the bigger man too.

All forms of Lippert padding on display in this movie.

Again, not counting the ‘looking for the rocket’ as rock climbing, even though, I could get away with it.

They couldn’t even get the dangerous dinosaurs.  Ok, one kills Sid Melton, but that’s not like a crime or anything.  The SOL cut out his dying words and final cigarette.  And the poetic thing is: Cesar’s Zippo goes out before he can lite the cig.  Ain’t that a thing?  Christian Burial and everything, so there was a mourning period—shame on you Brains!

1:17:07 we start down!  Break at 1:18:23.  With the run down the mountain starting at 1:19:16 finally hitting the flat ground at 1:21:15!

By my definition of Rock Climbing there is a total of 18 minutes and 9 seconds of rock climbing in a 84 minute movie. There are 3 sequences of over 3 minutes 45 seconds, with the longest being 4 minutes 56 seconds.

Watchability: 4 of 5.  Don’t look at this as Sci-Fi, it is an adventure movie.  Instead of the Ark or King Solomon’s Mines, they are looking for a rocket.  Professional cast, very good music and overall an enjoyable ride.  I don’t like the Green Tint sequence and wow, Rock Climbing.

Missing the Riffs: 3 of 5. Didn’t miss the riffs as much as I thought I would.  Very enjoyable in either form.