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Short 701-Once Upon a Honeymoon

Part of 2 Chick Chandler pieces planned for today.  He’s Cesar Romeo’s sidekick in Lost Continent.  Yes, Wilbur the Phone Angel is that versatile.

I get they want the dreamy musical fantasy setting, but ‘Cloud 7’ looks like a High School set.

Early cordless phone used by Wilbur; why aren’t they trying to sell me that, instead of boring old wall mounted phones?

The crappy decorating we open the house with only exist to show the upgrades phones can bring to your house.  But it just calls in to question this couple’s taste.

This would make more sense as a kitchen appliance ad than a phone ad.  Musicals usually have their own logic, but the connection between more phones and happiness is really not clear.

I do like the look of the redone living room.  But the phone is so minor in that design, why even show that room.

The phone in the bed room looks like a hotel phone.

She’s going to end up calling Japan or something with that dialing.

Left the phone off the hook and door unlocked.  These two deserve each other.

The unriffed version makes one long for more screen time for Wilbur.

Watch ability: 1 of 5.  It isn’t just that it is an ad, it is a poorly presented ad.  Songs are too simple and inane to be a watch point either.

Missing the Riffs: 1 of 5.  I wanted more screen time for Wilbur.  That’s how much I missed the riffs.