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This is the first short I’ve gone after, and it is a downer.  Honestly, when watching The Amazing Transparent Man, I usually skip this short.  I have even told my wife we can skip over this short when our watch through gets to this experiment.

Now I appreciate safety.  Safety keeps us, well, safe.  But this is like the liturgical version of Scared Straight.

The priest looks almost depressed.  And it sounds like he wrote his own script too.

In the first story, about Joe and his gal, they make it hard to like a selfish guy like Joe.  It isn’t just the burden on his gal and his own struggles, he put two coworkers in danger.

And not a comforting word from the priest to any of these people when he comes across them.  Nope, just their tragic stories and depressed looks.  Like, couldn’t the priest try to get old George and his friend’s family together to talk things over?  Isn’t that what priest do?

It seems, in the ‘gentle pressure’ bit, that Charlie’s co-worker really held that torch in Charlie’s eyes.  Granted, I never handled a welding torch like railroad workers would handle.  Maybe your natural reaction is to bring that torch up to face level and move it back and forth.

If I drank, I’d need one now.

Watchability: 0 of 5.  Trust me, stay away for your own mental health.

Missing the Riffs: 0 of 5.  I don’t want to watch it with the riffs.  This is my least favorite thing they watched on MST3K.