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“That means we only have to be careful at nighttime.”

This is the AIP-TV version of this movie and not the Sandy Frank cut.    This looks to be part of the Gamera limitations I’m on here in the States.  There is always the option to rewatch the Sandy Frank version if I want to ‘repeat’ with the KTMA version as my point of reference.  Other than a different group of voice actors, I don’t know what I’m in for.

Since the beginning of this movie has an extended intro about earthquakes and volcanoes bringing Gamera back to Japan not seen on the SOL, and the credits are not the Sandy Frank water, I’m going to assume this version is slightly more ‘true’ than the SOL version.  What a long, long sentence.

Eiichi not Kenny, Eiichi not Kenny, just keep repeating.

Giant Monsters and Volcanos are excuses.  Good to know.

The Two Loyal Construction workers remind me of Henchmen 21 and 24.

I’m actually liking this voice dub/translation more than the MST3K version.  There seems to be better voice actors working too.  What is weird is some of the style of voices in both versions are the same.  It is hard to explain, every line I hear that is different (when the workers see the green glow, they talk about a smell of gold, not the glow of gold from the SOL cut) it feels like this version is right.  I can see how Sandy would have to change words for copyright reasons, but I don’t think his people made the right word choices.

Normally the intrepid reporter would become our hero, instead, he’s garbage.

Gaos or Gyaos is considered one of Gamera’s main rivals.  We saw a ‘Space Gaos’ in Gamera vs. Guiron.

You know, Gamera is the friend of all children.

Bert I Gordon has better process shots.

Slot cars.  It really looks like they are using slot cars.  I’ve heard of HO scale Japan, but this is silly.

So Gamera pair bonds with the first kid he sees and then after sucking all the brat’s mental energy the turtle moves on?  I’m willing to buy the idea of monsters returning and monsters fighting each other, but monsters saving children is beyond my willing suspension of disbelief.

Has there ever been a Giant Monster that conventional weapons could hurt?  I would think they would know to start with the hard stuff and then get weird.  And prepare to get strange if weird doesn’t work.

This Gamera does not skimp on the action.  Monster fight, military attacks, city trashing, more monster fights.  This is what I want from my Kaiju.

Gaos hates light, but it looks like he went to Japanese Vegas.

I can see why Gaos is such a popular foe for Gamera.  He is a cunning beast.

Watchability: 3 of 5.  I’ve said before I’m not a real big Kaiju fan, but this has been the best Gamera movie I’ve seen yet.  I know that isn’t the highest praise coming from me, but I liked the level of action in this movie.  Lots of fun seeing the fighting monsters.

Missing the Riffs: 4 of 5.  The Gamera films tend to be some of my least favorites anyway, and this vocal dub was that much better than the Sandy Frank version.  Give me this over the SOL version.