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“I can’t explain it, but I’m all mixed up!”

Our 3rd and final Alison Hayes movie.  She is woefully underused in this movie, but she does have an additional scene not in the SOL cut—a coffee drinking scene, very Colemanesque.  I still have more Peter Breck to look forward too.  Steve Curren and Moon are the same person!

Every time they slap the desk in the open, I keep thinking of Peck in Space Travelers.

Another movie where the idea overshoots the talent and budget.  There is not a lot of ‘effecty’ shots, but some better space action in the opening would step the movie up.

I really like the idea that the scientist are considering life as we don’t understand it as the cause of the crashes.  Most alien forms in the movies are usually humanoid, if not outright human, or at least animal in shape.  This is looking for something beyond the little green men.

Another Miss Something or other: Sirry (Marta Farnstrom) Steffen competed in the first Miss International Pageant as Miss Iceland.

Rob Lauren, our infected Paul Lawrence, combines the worst of James Dean and Sal Mineo.  I can see how he inspired the whole “women love weak men” spiel.  Another guy who followed the Tommy Kirk workout.  I find his “GET HER OUT” scene to be just too over the top.  He does such a better job showing the struggle between the alien and himself later on.  I just keep picturing the director asking for ‘Bigger’.

Great reaction when Marta sees the arm on the beach, a top ten MST3K scream.

Arline (Mrs. Hotchkiss) Judge WAS known as ‘one-take Sally’, if the internet is to be believed.  That she was married and divorced 7 or 8 times (one may not have been legal) is probably more true.

Once our two movies collide (the trouble youth film and the Rocket scientist film) we actually start to get an entertaining story.  The twin plots are just too disconnected in the first act.

It says something about Rob Lauren’s talent that Alan Hale Jr isn’t the hammiest actor in this movie.  Actually, Alan Hale’s sheriff is one of the more competent ones in MST3K service.  Man became a worse actor and sheriff over the next decade.

Which is a worse “comedic twosome”: The Government Bureau men in The Deadly Bees or the Ambulance drivers in this movie?  Love how they consider just leaving a body behind.

In addition to the above mentioned coffee scene a sequence where Steve and Max see the fingerprints and discuss the problem is cut.

I wonder if this third act was an inspiration to Ray Dennis Steckler.  The strangling of the girlfriend when the ‘hero’ goes for help, that’s ripped off by Ray.  The end of Incredibly Strange Creatures is so ripped off from this.

It is never explained why the only person who could help him is the soda shop owner.  Unless I missed something, they never talk about a relationship between “No Dancing” and Paul.

I wish they had a better ‘possessed’ make up than excessive eye-black.  I don’t fault them for using a cheap trick, but make it a better cheap trick.

Like The Slime People, protect the car!

Shouldn’t we worry about infected cats?

Watchability: 4 of 5.  The first 1/3 isn’t handled very well, and one of the leads is an incurable ham, but it is mostly a success.  Some intriguing ideas, even if it falls short of its intentions.

Missing the Riffs: 3 of 5.  It wasn’t so much the overall riffing I missed as a few key points.  Joel’s take of the delivery men was greatly missed.