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“Why do you do what you do?”

Oh boy, when the Cor-Man starts out with the preaching, you are in for a long day.

I can’t tell if it is Robert Vaughn that is miscast or his hair.  He just does not fit in this world in any way.

There is no consistency in the dress or talk of the tribe.  Some have fur, some have what looks like carpet or towels.  One of the great ‘gimmicks’ movies use to show us primitive man talk is the odd labels used for time.  But as these labels and other ‘tribal’ language just make things sillier.  At some point people come up with labels, that’s kind of the whole point to having a language.

Live Lizard fighting.  Reminds me of King Dinosaur.  At least those two lizards looked better than the cutaways to the fake T-Rex or stock footage.

It seems the sinking earth is what we call water.

Thoughtful and he invents music and archery.   What a man our teenager is.

For a forbidden area, people seem to go there a bunch.  No one really seems to obey the laws here.

Lousy fight scene.  Well, no one in this tribe can throw a spear.

No word for day, but they have green.  And isn’t it great all tribes know the word peace.

Cut for the SOL, the ‘men of years’ arguing over the meaning of the man on the horse.  It was Prehistoric Perry Mason.

Once again Roger, you have the germ of a good movie and managed to get all the wrong people and all the wrong lines.

I’m confused: The Cor-Man reused the ‘monster’ suit from this movie in Night of the Blood Beast?  It looks like it should be the other way around?  Blood Beast didn’t look that burnt up until the end of its movie.

How many movies did Cor-Man have that tree in?

It is just so clumsy.  So many inconstancies with the knives and dogs and just everything.

Watchability: 2 of 5.  Even by Cor-Man standards, this is just bad. The twist end gets some points, but there is very little to recommend here.

Missing the Riffs: 1 of 5.  Even with the Catching Trouble short, this is much more enjoyable in MST3K form.