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“Anything’s possible.  The fact that you got here in the first place proves that.”

For the FVI films, I plan on watching the original movie if possible.  I don’t think I’ll lose much not watching the phony opening credits.

Bing Crosby Productions.

A ‘we’re too cheap to do real sci-fi, sci-fi’ pilot.  So much bad science in the first 5 minutes.

How did the Terrans know what company to make the telegrams from?  It is the little details that trip up those faking Earth.  I would imagine Neil Stryker would figure that out pretty quickly.

1984: The Series!  The Fugitive meets the Prisoner in Space.  Planet of the People.  The Incredible Stranger.  It is one of those series/movies which could be made better today.  Hopefully, more attention would be paid to the little differences, a better explanation of the Perfect Order, more about the history of Terra.  This good be decent series in the right hands.

There was an extended interrogation sequence cut.  Given Stryker was asleep, it was probably for the best.  The Doctor asks about Paul Revere, for example.  There is a little bit more to Stryker escaping the hospital that was cut.  There is an extended scene of Stryker walking the streets looking at left handers, listening to a looped message about him being an escaped mental patient.

It took this guy long enough to see the three moons before he was in the truck.  Even by 60s-70s TV action series standards this has so many holes in the plot and dialogue.

I do like the “one man alone” speech from Benedict.

This is pretty boring for an ‘action’ series.  I get it, it is a pilot, things need to be established; but when the only characters who will carry over are our hero, Benedict and his lackey, then don’t waste time with meaningless backstories.  So he changes minds and gets those people killed?  That would be a real downer every week.

It is pretty sad when the Helicopter/car chase is a dud.  World’s Lamest Chases.  I guess we needed to see what those Chryslers could do.  This is not a competent secret police.  I don’t see how they could keep a population in check.

Horrible explosion effect to end the chase.

Twin planets, such a lazy device to have everything almost exactly the same.  No changes in terrain, fashion, cars, what a cheap way to make a movie.

What a great break that the Doctor has a friend working with the Space Program.  I bet nearly every family/person he would have come in contact with would have a connection to the Space Program.  It is an active one you know.

It really does look like the secret police set up shop in a modest two-level.

It is hinted, by Benedict, the other two astronauts are still alive.  There is a plot device to keep a show going.

It just keeps going on and on.  Each commercial break fade just teasing me.

Scene cut of Betina betraying the hero.  I guess the SOL didn’t want us getting mad at a girl who just was tortured.

He not just an astronaut, he’s AstroMannix.

And he escapes with a move that the A-Team would call improbable.  It is a good thing they named their elements the same as we did.

Watchability: 2 of 5.  Boring and not very well thought out.  I appreciate the attempt at ‘adult’ science fiction, but it just falls flat on too many levels.  Not completely unwatchable, but no reason why you should.

Missing the Riffs: 3 of 5.  This is not one of the strongest episodes in my opinion.  The movie was just competent enough to be just outside the sweet spot.  A boring movie like this can be riffed well, but there has to be a signature moment, line or theme.  This movie doesn’t have any of those three elements.  Yeah, I’d rather watch the SOL version—but honestly, I don’t even really want to watch that.