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“Look Professor, I’ve been through a war.  I’ve seen people panic and run a hundred times, maybe ten times they had a reason.”

Small civilian aircraft, the backbone of any B-movie.

Tom (Robert Hutton) Gregory, the newsman, never asks what the Slime people are as the blonde girl prattles.  It is odd how there really isn’t an effort to tell the newsman what was going on.

The newsreel scenes should look good, KTLA was involved.

The hysterical woman in the newsreel reminds me of the similar scene in Attack of the Killer Tomatoes.

This isn’t a bad movie, just a broke one.  Hutton should have known better, he had decades in the industry before he directed this movie.  And Producer Joseph F. Robertson had been a producer and ‘show accountant’ for numerous TV shows.  These guys shouldn’t have blown the budget on the decent creatures and annoying fog machines.

Robertson also produced The Crawling Hand and Agent for H.A.R.M., he then moved into directing porn.

There are some decent elements to the story and plot, but there is such a hurried feeling to the making of this movie, there wasn’t time to get things right.  The explanation of the Slime People’s weapon is a nice twist.  The two romances range from creepy to creepier.  But if they had the money, they wouldn’t have had to rush.

They look more like Gators or Crocs than slimy.  The monster suits just don’t do the things their body is said to do. No oozing around punches or the like.  Did they have High School Chem back then?

Bonnie (the blonde) was on House MD a couple years back, and Lisa (the brunette) did have a bit of a career as a pretty girl.  There is a ½ hour Documentary about Cal (the marine) made in 2007.

I don’t get the goat.

Not a whole lot was trimmed for the SOL cut.  A line here and there.  The Slime People stalking the professor and the newsman scene goes on a little bit longer than MST3K showed.  There is more to the Bonnie rescue too, not that you can see any of it.

I’m guessing they had no budget for a reshoot that would help explain why they just didn’t wait for their fog to clear up some.

Dumb teens and marine.

We don’t actually see the car go over any cliff.  Again, couldn’t waste a cent.

There is really no sense of place in this movie.  I don’t know Los Angeles geography, but this seems awfully rural to be LA.

Even when there is no fog, it is too dark.

One of the more ridiculous extended fight scenes in MST3K.  Cal and Newsman are not who I want fighting back an invasion.  Better padding than walking or rock climbing.

Watchability: 3 of 5. For all of its problems, it isn’t a bad B-movie.  The monsters don’t look too bad, the cast clearly believed in the project, and it has a certain charm to it.  Not a classic by any measure, but a not a bad viewing experience.

Missing the Riffs: 2 of 5.  Another underrated episode in my eyes.  Too many times I had a remembered riff step on the movie dialogue.