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“Sorry to have gone female on you Major.  I didn’t mean to take advantage of you.”

It’s Dr. Bellows!

Ok, if one can get past the threats of spanking early on, there is a lot to recommend to this movie.  Fast paced, not great effects or sets but an effort to be accurate, and really not a bad story.  Orbit flight goes wrong and becomes the first moon landing, you can work with that story.

Briteis is a great pilot but a so so commander.  That’s true of 100s of people in every industry.  In the ‘reality’ of this movie, anyone who made that first flight would have become a celebrity.  She got control of the ship and landed it in a crisis situation, the mental mathematics needed to pull that off is stellar.

I have to say our foreign agents are some of the most organized and effective villains in MST3K history.

Baseball, been tripping the enemy up since WWII!

Background music and decent models makes space so much better.  Passable job for a low budget film.  They at least created a decent looking command center.  I don’t like the shorts, what gets into some cultures.

Unlike so many of the movies, there aren’t a whole lot of ‘stupid’ decisions made by the characters.  Given the situations, everyone makes fairly solid choices.  Despite her early arrogance, Briteis has the idea about the relays and just doesn’t wither and cry.

It is a very low rent Destination Moon (a favorite of mine) but I can’t say it is really a bad movie.  Dated in many ways, but handled as well or better than expected.

Very little was cut for the SOL viewing.  At just over 60 minutes, not a lot they could cut.  Again, the director gets some credit here, he didn’t add much padding to this movie.

Watchability: 3 of 5.  There is a few winceable lines early on, and maybe Briteis isn’t what we expect from a female hero these days, but overall a decent outing.  The ‘science’ mostly makes sense (mostly) and there aren’t huge gaps in the plot.  Enjoyed this more than I ever expected to.

Missing the Riffs: 3 of 5.  I like the episode more than the general MST3K viewer, at least based on the laughs it has on Club-MST3K.  The SOL crew was still getting the hang of things, so that needs to be considered.  And under loved episode as far as I’m concerned.