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“Remember your bicycle Glenn?  It was red and had a light.”

I want to start off by saying, The Amazing Colossal Man was released on VHS in 1996.  It has never been released on DVD.  This, a half-bit tossed together sequel is on DVD and all over the net.  Get the picture? Something is not right here.  Get the picture?  ACM is a minor sci-fi classic, this is up with The Creature Walks Among Us for worst sequel of 50’s sci-fi.  Get the picture?  And the end rips off a rip off of the original.  Get the picture?

I actually don’t watch this episode a lot, even though I like it.  I just don’t want to overdo Mr. B Natural, one of those shorts that is so excellent it could be considered an episode all to itself.

Jack Kosslyn sighting.  Our second Sally Fraser movie of the night.  She is not a leading lady.  Completely overshadowed in It Conquered the World, was given nothing to do in Earth vs. the Spider and just blah in this movie.

That is a rally bad facial prosthetic on Glenn Manning.  Maybe I’m use to better tech, but it seems so ill fitted and poorly made.

What political satire.  Passing the buck, who knew?

There just isn’t the kind of impact scenes like ACM.  The fact Manning can no longer communicate anything is also a big issue with this movie.  Sally as the sister just can put any weight into emotions for two people, let alone herself.

The SOL cut the flashbacks to ACM, which under line how much weaker this Manning and this movie is from the first one.  The “I just don’t want to grow anymore” scene is played, and you see actual emotion and terror in Glenn.  What a long flashback too, wow, this movie was really cheaply made.  Using a better movie as padding, that’s a new one on me.  The explosion, the wake up, the “I don’t want to grow” scene, the needle scene and the dam scene: the whole movie tucked inside this one.

This is really a dull movie.  The action is all in the last 3rd of the film, and that’s just two sequences a pretty good distance apart.  I guess there wasn’t much of a model budget.

There really isn’t a ‘signature scene’ in this movie to latch on.  Nothing to really give you any reason to watch it.

The mom at the end is one of my least favorite MST3K characters.  Nothing special about your kid, lady.  Other people might lose kids too, and because of your stupid, stupid daughter.  If you obey the rules, no one has to be killed by a giant!

The ‘color’ finale is kinda neat.

Watchability: 2 of 5.  I think the Mads describe this as an “unnecessary” sequel, and boy were they right.  It extends the story, but to what end?  The Colossal Man is a supporting character in his own movie, this movie is about his sister trying to find and help him.  Only worth watching if you are some kind of completest.

Missing the Riffs: 3 of 5.  I would much rather have the SOL riffing away on this one, but it has enough wrong you can fill in the blanks.  Not having Mr. B Natural was actually the worst part of this.