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“This one is new here.  I haven’t pinched her myself.”

A two-minute sequence opening the film where Sidney (the character actor) scams a shop keep out of $25 was cut for the SOL.  The watch scam, which our lovely but dumb waitress falls for in the ticket exchange sequence, is apparently part of Sidney’s repertoire.  He mentions 12 watches at the coffee shop to Mr. Tucker.

I’m not a big Jazzman, but I do like the sounds of the coffee shop group.

Someone at Club-MST3K, either in the open forum or the episode comments, mentioned that The Beatniks and The Rebel Set should swap titles.  I would agree with that, these guys are more beat than the Beatniks.

Another beauty queen actress, Kathleen (the actor’s wife) Crowley was Miss New Jersey 1949.  Both her, Gregg (the hamola) Palmer, John (the writer) Lupton and the weird beat poet spent most of their career in westerns.  Was this a chance to try something else?

John Lupton was the gunslinger in Jesse James meets Frankenstein’s Daughter.

Ned (Sidney) Glass was one of the bad guys in my all-time favorite movie, Charade.

A lot of darkness in the movie was cut for SOL.  In an extended scene cut for SOL, the Hamola tells his wife this job “It’s not one of those things.”  Makes you wonder what ‘those things’ is, and how many times he HAS taken them.  She wants out of LA so bad, she actually buys her ticket to New York with their rent money.  When we go back to the coffee shop to pick up the tickets, it is strongly implied our ditzy waitress is buying ‘dope’ from a patron.  We never do find out what the ‘other things’ George (Don Sullivan) Leland made the papers for.

Lot of small scenes or shots through the movie are removed, which caused most of the jump cuts the SOL version has.  I don’t know, I find it a little unfair to chop up already poorly edited films and then complain about the editing.  Little details are import in movies, especially with the barely 70 minutes most of these films have to work with.

The ‘waiting’ scene is the only real example of padding in the film.  I can’t believe the SOL cut the rifle shot.  I always wondered why a great shot was needed on this caper.

Also cut: Sidney getting stopped at a roadblock and a scene of the Writer typing, showing us his low e’s.  There is an extend scene after the writer was killed where Mr. Tucker vaguely warns the Hamola and his wife.

If the movie had another 20 minutes or so to work with, they could have spent more time with Mr. Tucker and how his hubris leads to his downfall.  Never assume you are the smartest person in the room, especially if you’re used to being around idiots.

Watchability: 5 of 5.  Solid plot and well-acted.  The extended chase/fight at the end is borderline silly, but the film stands alone.  Another 15-20 minutes would have helped even more.  I highly recommend an unriffed version.

Missing the Riffs:  5 of 5.  This is one of my go-to episodes, good movie, decent jazz, and killer riffs.  And I didn’t miss the SOL crew one bit.