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“Well, I am his confidential bookkeeper.”

Is there any credit creepier than “Produced under the personal supervision of George Weiss”?

The first line of dialogue comes 8 minutes into the film.  A six minute wrestling match followed by 2 minutes of wrestling practice.  Personal Supervision indeed.

The trailer promises non-stop action.  I’m guessing 2-3 minutes of non-wrestling footage in the first 12 minutes.

Wrestling and workout footage.   There is even more than the SOL showed.  The amount of wrestling in this movie puts Samson/Santo to shame.

George Weiss really loved his Peaches.  Why, he doesn’t even get to our gangster storyline until we’re about 1/3 into the film.  Maybe the extend workout/wrestling sequences are there because there wasn’t enough story to make a movie.  More likely, the story is there to keep this from becoming soft-core porn.

The ‘catfight’ last a surprisingly short 5 minutes.

It would seem wrestling with two long Pippi Longstocking braids would not be a smart thing to do.  Clara Mortensen/Rita Martinez championship bout goes close to 10 minutes.

This isn’t night for night, it’s blackout for night.

And like that it is over.

Watchability: 3 of 5.  Very hard to place.  Way way too much wrestling and unattractive women, but there is this wonderful Ed Wood style sleaze about it.  Yeah, I’m going to watch again.

Missing the Riffs: 2 of 5.  I do love the riffing on this episode.  It is another movie where there is so little dialogue some good riffs are needed to fill the spaces.  The wide wide open space.