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“The thing that impresses me most is the complete and utter silence.  You can almost hear it.”

Mole People, one of the very lessor Universal monsters.  And John Agar, the biggest monster of them all.

Started off with the trailer, pretty honest and straight forward about what your ticket was getting you.

Virgil Vogel’s middle initial is, sadly, a W.

I love when these sci-fi movies slip in these ‘teaching moments.”  Granted the approach isn’t usually this blunt.  Dr. Frank (the downer professor) Baxter had quite a TV career (7 Emmy Awards for one of his series) and was the host of those old Bell Lab films of some of our youths.

It is so hard to watch anything with Hugh Beaumont and not think of Ward Cleaver.

The ‘load’, Nestor Paiva has nearly 300(!) IMBD credits.  He appeared in some Rocky Jones, Space Ranger Episodes, but not the ones aired on MST3K.

Nazar (Rodd Redwing) the guide was a noted quick gun expert and worked as a gun coach in Hollywood for decades.

Thankfully the SOL cut out a good bit of avalanche and mountain climbing footage.

Did you know music supervisor Joseph Gershenson was the head of music at Universal Studios?  His 4 MST3K Credits might be tops for a non-actor/director.

The reveal of the Sumerian village could have been handled better.

How did Agar ever become a leading man?

Give the quality of the skeletons found in the ‘cell’ by our intrepid crew, the disappointing costumes on the Mole People are harder to stand.  I get the need for the stock footage for the mountain misadventures, but give the Mole People more than a top and sweat pants.  The Mattes and models buildings (which had more screen time than the SOL allowed) are decent looking.  We also get a glimpse of the river Hugh references in a great shot of the temple area.

I could see Shatner playing the John Agar role, especially with the ‘what is love’ talk he has with Adele.

The sacrifice dance is one of the worst in MST3K history.  I’d rather watch Mike Nelson, in that tiny thong, shaking his thang.

John Agar, enabler of genocide.  You don’t think the Mole People stopped the slaughter at the temple?  There is a whole society for them to overrun in the caverns.

If the Mole People can burrow into the ground, why did they just stick around to be enslaved?

Watchability: 4 of 5.  Flawed, but there is a pretty good core of actors with Beaumont, Napier and Paiva to carry the material.  Even Agar can’t ruin this one.

Missing the Riffs: 3 of 5.  A longtime favorite episode, but there is enough going on in the story to almost make me forget the SOL.