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“No more wars and no more traffic accidents.”

For the repeat experiments from Season 0, I’m using the more polished Season 3 episodes as my comparison.  Of course, if I was truly repeating the experiment, I’d watch the repeated movies twice.  But I’m not ready to do that yet.

The version I have is an American edit version meant for Television release.  The voice actors and script is slightly different.  Changes in phrasing if not meaning.  That at least lets me know that the script the voice actors were using was somewhat faithful translation.  The most obvious differences is the reduction of monster on monster violence.  Apparently Guiron carving up Space Gyaos was too much for the kiddies.  Of course, that is another reason why I probably should watch this movie again (or at least different edit) sometime later in this project.

Another sci-fi movie that starts off trying to seem educational.

I’ve never been a big fan of kaiju movies and Gamera is one of my least favorite creatures of the genre.  This ‘friend of all children’ just does nothing for me.  The levels of nonsense in this movie is just too much.  Gamera just happens to be around when the kids shot into space, and then the moment the tension is gone, the space ship just blows past him?  Two children missing and no one but the little girl is upset?  And how can these adult dismiss giant monsters and aliens when that’s part of the background of this universe?  Why can’t the stupid kids tell the difference between a planet and a star?  Just so many questions about this one.

And don’t get me started on how dumb Guiron looks.  At least the other kaiju I’ve seen seem based on some kind of real creature.

Tom has the greatest rubber dart gun in history!

Yet another movie where alien technology is easily understood and operated.

The sets for the alien buildings are pretty nice to look at, very retro-future.

The first battle between Gamera and Guiron is pretty good.  However, if I’m going to watch a giant monster battle movie, I want to see more of the monsters and more battling.  This movie spends way too much time with the kids.  No, I take that back.  This movie spends too much time with the little girl and the mothers back on Earth.  As bad as the aliens/little boy storyline is, the little girl plot line just stops the movie cold.

The singy-songy background music is worst thing about this movie, and that’s saying something.

Watchability: 2 of 5.  I suppose a fan of the genre might like it more.  There are so many absurd parts to this movie there is a little something for everyone.

Missing the Riffs: 1 of 5.  I advise any Gamera movie to be taken with the SOL crew.  Even the Season 0 version would be a great improvement.