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“You’re completely mad, and ignorant also.”

Not the worst movie I’ve ever seen, but possibly the laziest movie I’ve ever seen.  The bulk of this movie is stock footage and replaying scenes from the first two Aztec Mummy movies.  I haven’t seen the other Aztec Mummy movies (there are 3 official and 1 unofficial films), but I’d say there is maybe 20 minutes of original footage in this film.  And 1/2 of the new footage is sitting in a drawing room talking about the first two movies.  This is just lazy lazy ‘movie’ making.

The sad thing is, the flashbacks are good enough to make me curious to see the other movies.  There is enough of a story shown to make it seem a little bit interesting.  Makes me wonder why they forced a real cheapie like this one.  There is some decent suspense and make up in the flashbacks, it is such a shame what this movie ended up as.

Knowing what this movie is makes it hard to like it.  Just looking at it as a long flashback, it is an ok movie.  Heavy on exposition, but they do tell their story fairly well.

Did Neal Connery steal his hypnotic theories from this movie?

Actually, the more I watch, the less sure I am what is the new footage.  The whole flashback aspect just confuses thing more and more.

Dr. Krupp is chewing the scenery like it is his last meal.

When did ‘human robot’ become ‘cyborg’?

The parade of headshots sequence is too much.

Cartman was a better human robot.

The end fight: Lame.  This is the title of the movie and it looks like a grunge kid shaking a vending machine for a candy bar.  What a letdown.

Watchability. 2 of 5.  This could have been a good continuation of a franchise.  Instead, it was lazily made and full of I don’t care.  Thought about giving it a 1, but it just sneaks over the line.

Missing the Riffs: 1 of 5.  I don’t see much merit to this without the SOL.  I know many people are down on the Season 0 and 1 episodes, but this is a very good early one.