“Robert Brinkman, the man who is always forgetting something.”

These are the movie I really dreaded when I decided to take on this project.  Not the overtly terrible, but the unbearably boring.  And brother, this is boring.

Which crewman-introduction-narration is worse: First Spaceship on Venus or King Dinosaur?

Most of the edits for SOL appear to be great swaths of pseudo-science and conversation about said pseudo-science.  Of course, this E. German/Polish film was cut about 15 minutes for the American release, so we’re used to watching an already edited, edited version.   The meteor shower was cut down as well, which involved much more speeded up film and rolling around on each other.

There is such a blandness to everyone and everything in this movie.  When the skylarking involves chess matches and robots, these people don’t have much to offer.  The romantic tension is gone.  The ‘terror’ about the Venusian attack is thrown out with the knowledge of how long the ‘cosmic document’ has been sitting around.  Even when they are on the surface of Venus, I just don’t feel any kind of tension.  Everyone just sits so calm.  The voice actors are actually doing just that much better than the acting actors.

The effects are passable, but still no great shakes.  The RC robot and ‘bugs’ are decently built, but nothing that inspire awe or even interest.

“Could be a kind of organic life?”  As opposed to inorganic life?

Too much science in movies is really just guessing.

I can’t help but think most of the deaths on this trip could have been avoided with a little more thought.  Poor Talua just thinks everyone left him behind.

Watch ability: 1 of 5.  Boring and preachy.  Not a good combo.

Missing the Riffs: 1 of 5.  I do not recommend taking this without the SOL, though I can’t really recommend this with the SOL either.