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“Chicken begin to cackle?”

Ok, so it isn’t stock car racing we see, it is some sort of endurance/speed race with larger versions of the midget racers that had tracks around the softball fields of my youth.  No way are these ‘stock cars’.  The car in the ‘set up’ race the cops arrange, those are stock cars.

The opening race, with an overacted crash and botched fire effect open the movie and was cut by the SOL.

My credits are cleaner than the SOL’s.

I could never get why that biker ‘gang’ chose this club to hang out at.  They are just so out of place there.

I can dance better than our ‘hero’, and that is really not a complement to me.  It is like watching Eugene Levy do a parody dance.  I almost would rather have the poorly lip synced song our ‘hero’ sings with the band at the club to impress the blue dress girl.  And he doesn’t even play his guitar with the band.  If it had been included, it would be up there with the song in Pod People.

According to Wikipedia, Steve Alaimo had 9 Top 100 singles, with none reaching the Top 40.

A movie that is kept alive with bad decision after bad decision.  From the decision to quit racing, to the cops not blocking the side road on the road block, nothing is the right choice.

This is what happens when some crappy director or writer takes Easy Rider seriously.  The philosopher biker?  They steal all those guns, but seem hesitant to kill anyone until the final shoot outs.  Even when the gun shop owner starts to recover (cut from MST3K), they just kick and spit on him, not worry about being ID’d or anything.

They seem like the kind of gang that would be making meth, not tranquilizers.  Too smart?  These are some of the most ill-timed, ill planned capers I’ve ever seen in movie history.

Are we on the coast or in the deep woods?

The end chase/gunfight is longer than the SOL cut, but man, there is just so much sameness one can take.

Watchability: 2 of 5.  I don’t generally watch ‘biker films’.  I think I would rather go with one I wasn’t familiar with than choose this one again.

Missing the Riffs: 2 of 5.  No kicks in this movie without Joel and the Bots.