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“Take off his mask”

I wish I understood Spanish, because I would like to know how different the story is or isn’t in the original language.  That comes up with the Japanese movies too.  Well, I’ll do the best I can with the English language version.  I have to work on the assumption this is a faithful translation.

I was never really into American wrestling.  I would watch with friends, and knew the big stars, but I probably haven’t watched more than 10 minutes of it over the last 25 years.  El Santo (Samson’s real fake name) was a legendary wrestler in Mexico, spawning movies and comic books.  I suppose this is akin to a Jon Cena or Rock action movie.  El Santo was nearly 30 years into his career when this movie was made and would finally retire in the early 80’s.

It isn’t healthy to just keep telling your daughter she’s imagining things.  Way to undermine the girl’s sense of self.

Scenes cut for MST3K include: The Doctor recording a message to Samson and a Tag Team Wrestling match.  A very long tag team match.  Samson’s team wins and he then dishes out another whupping when the losers rush him.  And then after waiting for a few moments the crowd enters the ring and hoist Samson upon their shoulders.  And there is additional wrestling around the Samson/Vampire bout that is cut as well.  I’m not complaining about that.

There is very little cut for the SOL.  The odd jumps, the quick entrances by Santos these are all in the original.

I would have more respect for the Doctor if he was a vampire hunter, not a vampire waiter.  People offer to help and he won’t do anything but let the prophecy happen.  Sometime you should make your own destiny.  But no, he’s got to be a gloomy Gus about everything.

I’m so glad voice acting has improved over the years.  There isn’t a whole lot of acting, just voice.  I suppose there is a bit of a story here, but the dubbing is very distracting.  Oddly (or maybe not, I don’t know copyright law) the song in the nightclub is sung in Spanish, not the dub of the MST3K version.

Why did the crowd panic when the lights went off?  Why did the Vampires lay Diana down for Samson to save?  Why do vampires always forget about sun up (for that matter, why do they bother with basement windows)?  There are lots of actions and choices in this film that make no sense in any language.

Scary words before any wrestling match: “No time limit.”

Way way too much wrestling and it is really in only two segments, the tag team and vampire match.  I have a feeling Racket Girls will feel like this.  I suppose there is a passable vampire story in this movie but I just can’t see it for all the Samson.

Watchablity: 1 of 5.  I did not need the over long wrestling scenes.  I get why they are there and that the person who paid for a ticket to this movie expected wrestling.  I would rather have a better vampire story.

Missing the Riffs: 1 of 5.  The MST3K version has cut out the wrestling and little else.  It is a much better watch that way.  A movie that the MST3K cuts actually help.