“After all, you gave him the wrong answers.”

This is an odd watch to get through.  There isn’t enough time to tell the story.  There is no sympathy for The Creeper (Rondo Hatton).  And there is the uncomfortable knowledge about the parallels in life between Rondo and the Creeper.

This is one of the few times I wished a movie had a little more time to work with.  Run time 59 minutes. So many things needed some fleshing out, not that I think the people behind this film could have effectively added 10-20 minutes to the story.

Definitely a movie where you spend most of your time thinking what could be improved.

So, Hal Moffit was a jerk with anger management and we’re surprised he turned out mean?  Knowing the story of Rondo Hatton (he died a few months after finishing this movie) I really wanted to have a connection, some feeling for The Creeper.  Maybe they thought Helen (Jane Adams) Paige could add a human element to the Creeper (This is the 3rd of Rondo’s movies where he plays a murderer named the Creeper, sort of how Tor Johnson was seemingly always Lobo!) but it just doesn’t work.  Again, more time with Helen and Hal might have helped build more sympathy.

More likely, Rondo was malformed enough to look like a monster, but not talented enough to play one.

There is an exploitative air around this movie and not in a good way.

Watchability: 1 of 5.  Not a good movie and it leaves a bad taste in my mouth.  I don’t think I’ll watch unriffed ever again.

Missing the Riffs: 1 of 5.  Mike and the Bots are needed for this one, trust me.