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“Am I disturbing the peace?  I’ve been known to disturb the peace.”

A first!  Something not in the unriffed cut:  A lot t of the mayor’s opening oration was cut so the funeral is shorter in this version.  Another bit cut involves the killing of Zebulon Tabb and the mayor’s wife coming to the sheriff’s office.  I understand wanting to make the movie shorter, but don’t take out actual plot points.

However: in searching for these movies is are so many alternate/rerelease/TV titles, I can’t get too bogged down in worrying about ‘official’ versions.  Especially as elusive as some of the movies are proving to be.

And after saying that, I went and found a version with those missing 10 minutes.  Internet, you be a cruel mistress.  I don’t understand why movies get trimmed to have them make less sense.

One of the best credit sequences for any MST3K movie.

This is puts us 2/3rds of the way through Allison (Erica Paige) Hayes and Beverly (Rose Hood) Garland’s MST3K appearances.  Beverly got a lot better make up than Allison did, that shade of red has never looked good.  I get that Erica is a low rent Miss Kitty, but she’s really cheap looking in this film.  I know Beverly Garland was never in the Genie/Bewitched question, but I’ve always thought she was pretty.  She really could play tough and caring at the same time.  Beverly was playing an undercover female cop in the 1950’s (Decoy, available thru public domain), like a female Jack Webb.

Ok, her husband is dead and she’s kissing another man 4 days later?  Some of the creepiest banter in movie history in that light.  Think these things through Cor-Man.  Other than that, this is a decent plot.

I’m not, as a rule, a fan of westerns.  I have seen a few with my uncle through the years, but I usually won’t pick that genre.  This is the Western I know the best, and I’ve always had a soft spot for it.

Which dancing girls are worse: Gunslinger’s or The Incredibly Strange Creatures’?

I always thought a good anthology series would be adaptations of the movies of the Cor-Man.  Most of his work is over long at 70 minutes, so trim it down and keep focus on the plot.  His work is varied enough and prolific enough to keep it fresh.

Watchabilty: 3 of 5.  I think it is a pretty good movie for a Western.  Cor-man finds a way to screw up the effects in an effect-less movie (the amazing teleporting John Ireland!), but it is decent.  I like Beverly, so that’s what keeps it from being a 2.

Missing the Riffs: 2 of 5.  I enjoyed the movie for itself, but this is one of my favorite episodes.  I know that’s a minority opinion, but I’ll watch it probably twice without the riffs, and untold scores with them.  It is hard to put aside a personal top 10 episode.