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Experiment 311-It Conquered the World

Double Feature Night!

“I know you for the coward that you are, and I’m going to kill you!”

This is like the MST3K All-Stars: Peter Graves!  Beverly Garland!  Lee Van Cleef!  Roger Corman!  American International Pictures!  Day the Earth Stood Still meets Invasion of the Body Snatchers.  The Cor-Man only steals from the best!

That conquered the world?” apparently said by Beverly Garland when she first saw the monster.  The monster in this movie is just a hair above Creature from the Haunted Sea.  Which is a real shame, because isn’t too far from being a really good movie.  Science versus and emotion.  Choice versus servitude.  Some big ideas from the Cor-Man.  Big choices made by the characters.  Some really impactful deaths.

So, Communism was a red herring?  Nice twist on how a force can use your fears to its advantage.

Other the opening sequences, the satellite launch and Lee Van Cleef’s opening scene, there aren’t really that many acting/directing flaws.  Some overblown writing but the actors do the best they can with what they have.  Ok, the ‘comic’ relief of Manuel and military is lousy, but I don’t watch the Cor-Man for those kind of laughs.

Scientist in the 50’s don’t seem to question the right things.  The simple passes them by.

The control devices aren’t bad effects.  Mostly handled well, but doing that well only highlights the problems with the monster and the satellite crash.  I appreciated the Cor-man trying to think differently with the alien’s body, but it just didn’t work here.  Good idea, bad execution.  Story of the Cor-Man’s life.

A great extended ending, starting with Beverly Garland taking on the monster all by herself and ending with what may very well be the best end of movie scientist speech since “He Tampered in God’s Domain”.

Watchablity: 4 of 5.  Yes there are flaws, but overall a well done flick.  Nothing ground breaking, but a sterling effort.  And yes, whipping boy Peter Graves is part of the success.

Missing the Riffs: 5 of 5.  This is 50’s Sci-Fi worthy of a watch.