“We’re just as confused as you are.”

Jumps out of the gate, with another cut opening.  I guess they thought MST3K viewers would assume a blast off.

Like so many others, I have a love/hate with the Cor-Man.  The man could really make due with whatever the fates handed him.  He never ran from what he is, a B-Movie man, even to today with the SyFy movies he is involved with.  We have programed ourselves to think ‘bad’ when we hear of the Cor-Man, when actually in his abundance there are a few diamonds shining.

Compare Blood Beast with The Screaming Skull.  Both have a small cast, limited settings and clearly a lack of cash.  But the Cor-Man actually has a little something here to work with.  He makes it look like a movie, not like security cam footage or a weekend experiment by film students.  He knows how a movie should look, and he will get everything he can out of his nickels and dimes.  Isn’t this just Alien, 20 years early?

That being said.   This is a fairly unremarkable movie by the Cor-Man’s standards.  He has better ones, he has worse ones.  There are better monster make ups in some of his films, and make ups (like Creature from the Haunted Sea) the Blood Beast puts to shame.  Blood Beast actually shows up in Teenage Caveman, but the Cor-Man liked to reuse everything: costumes, sets, actors, plots.  It is a nicely told invasion movie.  The acting isn’t overdone, just a little on the wooden side.  The worst effect is the animated blood cells, and for the Cor-man that is a complement (or maybe it was the ‘headless corpse’ with a head).

The photographer girl (Donna) has no expression.  No reaction to anything happening until her big scream.

The biggest problem with this movie, is there is always a better choice.  A better Cor-Man, a better MST3K Episode, a better alien invasion movie, and so on and so for.  At least he didn’t try to pad this movie like Lippert would have.  Cor-Man doesn’t waste film.

Watchability: 3 of 5.  Could have been so much better, but as a proto-Alien, it isn’t that bad.  You are not really missing anything if you don’t watch it, but you won’t regret a viewing.

Missing the Riffs: 2 of 5.  The riffs do add a lot to viewing the movie.  The MST3K version should be your preferred way to watch.