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“Soup!  Hot soup, girls!”

I admit, I’m very biased towards this movie.  I just love the 60’s dancing styles.  Decent jazzy/surf rock underlying soundtrack.  And unlike so many movies on MST3K, the pretty girls are actually pretty.

Jerry Warren is one of those underappreciated ‘anti-geniuses’ of BLC movies.  Check out 1959’s Teenage Zombie, out in the public domain, and his ‘remake’ of it in 1981 called Frankenstein Island.  Knowing he has made two movies worse than this one is amazing.  He had no money and loved to use movie and stock footage in all his films.  It is like he purposely tried to follow the style of Ed Wood and failed.  He did have one ‘decent’ movie in him with The Incredible Petrified World, but I think more and more that was a mistake on his part.

Steve Brodie.  The man worked a helluva lot.  TV, movies.  Like John Caradine, just cut the man a check and he’ll show up.  Look up the IMBD pages for Batwoman (Katherine Victor) and Heathcliffe (Lloyd Nelson), impressive credits, not as actors, behind the scenes people.  There were people who knew how a movie was made, unfortunately, the director wasn’t one of them.

The movie is barely an hour long, and there are all these dance sequences.  Keeps us away from the dialogue.

Couldn’t even afford dials!

Rat Pfinks everywhere in the early 60’s.

A shot of Batwoman throwing her hands up in exasperation to end the movie was cut by the SOL crew.  I’m right with you lady.

Watchability.  3 of 5.  Actually a fun little movie.  Great dancing, cute girls, absurd parody.  I rewatched it twice in 12 hours that should say something.

Missing the Riffs: 3 of 5.  There are going to be times I want to watch it on its own, and times I’ll want the SOL.