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“Within the narrow limits of human understanding”

What is there to say?  There is very little cut, and what is would have opened the movie up to more ridicule.

Is this even a movie?

The sound IS that bad.  The lighting IS that bad.  That Herschell Gordon Lewis thought this was the best thing available to have as a second picture . . . how bad were his other choices?

I feel like I need to say more about this, but there isn’t anything to talk about.

So glad I got to see it uncut finally.

Watchabilty.  1 of 5.  Worst. Movie. Ever.  At least of what I’ve seen in my life, so of course, I’m going to watch it again and again.  From what I hear, maybe The Brain Leeches might surpass it, but it would have to be beyond comprehension.

Missing the riffs: 4 of 5.  Maybe misleading, I was just so focused on how bad the movie was, I didn’t really miss the riffs.  This probably a 1 of 5 for most people.