“What, and let Mr. America cut into my cake?”

I decided to watch the whole creature trilogy.  The Creature from the Black Lagoon is one of my favorite 50’s Sci-Fi/Horror films, Revenge is a staple of my MST3K rotation, and I’m not sure I’ve ever seen The Creature Walks Among Us.

I’ve always liked the Gill-man as a ‘monster’ because it is somewhat in the realm of possibility.  My recent discovery of River Monsters has only reinforced that belief.  I don’t think it would look that manlike in real life, but the Amazon does seem like it could house an evolutionary cul-de-sac.

John Agar.  Was he really an ass or did he just play one really well?  I just don’t see the appeal he would have.  He’s a homeless man’s John Wayne.  If you ask me who/what drives me crazy in B-movies/Low Budget/Cult (BLC’s from here on out) it isn’t the Cor-man, it isn’t Coleman Francis, it isn’t Bela, it is John Agar.  And if it wasn’t for MST3K, I’d probably never watch any of his movies (with the exception of Tarantula, I do like that movie)

The “love triangle” is so tacked on and so unnecessary.  They just can’t quite commit to the smart pretty girl in this movie.  They don’t seem to get science or how scientist work or how to make any man appealing, why should I think they would be able to create a decent smart female character.  That’s good ol’ fashion sexism!  I liked Kay from the first movie better.

The drop off in quality from the first to second film is really noticeable.  As a standard monster movie, free of first movie, it might not seem as low quality.  Tough to follow a classic.  It is all in the writing.  There is an idea, but it is not thought out completely.  Since Revenge was supposed to save the 3-D format (it was the last 3-D film in the 50’s) a rush job on the story can be somewhat forgiven.

I’m glad they cut out the beach chat scene.  The dog knows you are a creepy guy John.  And Agar’s rival (not the dog) is killed by the Gill-man when he was pulled into the tank.  So Gill-man was just acing out the competition.  The cuts here at least don’t impact the plot as much as some I’ve seen.  Mostly the creepy romance is lost.  Because in the 1950s, even Gill-men peep.

It is a great crowd-panics-and-runs scene when the Gill-man escapes.  Up there with The Blob theater scene.

The scene where the Creature takes Helen at the dance club (50’s style) is the only scene from the movie I remember from my childhood viewings.

Watchablilty.  2 of 5.  I just can’t get past John Agar and how bad it looks next to the first film.  If I didn’t have my Agar-hate, I’d might go 3.

Missing the Riffs: 4 of 5.  Move does stand fairly well on its own.